3 Facial Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

Though it’s true, people don’t believe it. But, what? The thing is that a non-surgical procedure can erase defects on your skin caused by aging, the sun, scarring, pollution, and skin condition without requiring much time and any risk, unlike traditional cosmetic surgery. This non-surgical procedure is known as skin rejuvenation.

Not one or two, but skin rejuvenation solves several health problems. After the procedure, you will look as vibrant as you feel. Your outlook towards your skin will be completely different. In other words, you will find an extensive improvement in your facial appearance.

In the skin rejuvenation procedure, experts use intense pulsed light therapy. The system they use for the therapy delivers different wavelengths of light deep into the second layer of the skin without damaging the top layer, erasing the problems, or correcting the defects of the skin. Compared to other cosmetic treatments, skin rejuvenation is easy. But, the thing is you should consult an experienced and certified plastic surgeon for the same.

Now, let’s know the benefits of skin rejuvenation.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Collagen gives structure to your skin. Also, it helps in the regeneration process of the skin. But, the thing is, the body produces 1% less collagen every year after age 20. And thus, the skin loses structure, becomes dry, and begins to appear wrinkled, loose, and saggy.

Here, skin rejuvenation helps. It encourages collagen growth, helping skin to become fuller and more youthful. When energy is delivered to the targeted areas, the body interprets the heat as injury and generates collagen. With time, the extra collagen produces a smooth and even complexion.

Minimizes facial veins

Also known as broken capillaries, the facial veins look like small red, purple or blue lines under the surface of the skin. You can find it under the surface of the nose, chin, and cheeks. With age, these facial veins become more susceptible to dilating and stretching due to sun and irritants. Also, they become more prominent because the skin gets thinner with age.

Intense pulsed light therapy treats the facial veins, where heat disintegrates the veins and they become scar tissues. The body absorbs the scar tissue over several treatments, leading to more even-toned skin.

Improves acne scars

It’s a permanent skin problem suffered by both men and women. Generally, acne scars occur because of a type of acne called acne cysts. These cysts are large, pus-filled pockets, destroying skin tissue and disrupting collagen production. Even if the cyst empties, the lost collagen doesn’t always restore when the area heals. As a result, pits and depression form during the healing process.

The intense pulsed light therapy delivers energy to the scarred area and the body responds to this heat energy by producing collagen in the area. Later, the produced collagen fills in the scar depression, giving a smooth and even appearance.

Here, we have discussed only 3 benefits of skin rejuvenation. There are many more. To know how the skin rejuvenation procedure can benefit you, contact John Martin, a certified plastic surgeon.


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