7 Tips to Heal Faster After Blepharoplasty Surgery

It is hard to wait to see the results after you’ve gone through blepharoplasty surgery a.k.a. cosmetic eyelid surgery. We understand that. After all, who doesn’t want to see if they are looking younger again, if their surgery has really worked, if the appearance after surgery has transformed as you expected, and the list goes on and on.

So, today, we are providing you with a few tips that will help you recover quickly after this surgery. Before everything, we want you to not ignore the instructions of your blepharoplasty surgeon.

Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeon

Let’s check out how to speed up your recovery after eyelid surgery.

1.  Take Enough Time to Heal.

Most people who undergo eyelid surgery often go back to their normal routine after about two weeks. But, you should be prepared to take time off beforehand. Here, taking time off means you should plan ahead to cover your primary responsibilities, such as stocking easy-to-prepare foods, or asking a friend to take care of your children. You will need proper rest for faster healing, so don’t compromise with it.

2. Follow Self-Care Instructions Correctly

Talk to your surgeon or the team before your surgery about how you are supposed to self-care after blepharoplasty surgery. This way, you can get what you need in advance so that you don’t have to worry about arranging things after the surgery is performed.

Some of the basic self-care essentials are cold compresses to reduce swelling, eye drops (as recommended) to prevent dry eyes, and an ointment to keep them lubricated. Plus, you should also have gauze so that if the incision oozes while healing, you can dab it (don’t rub) with a sterile gauze.

3. Be Prepared and Think About the Results

To be honest, you might not like the way you look before your eyes get completely healed. Your eyelids might become puffy, your incisions will appear red, and the swelling and bruising may feel like a black eye. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about. You shouldn’t feel negative because all of it will go away in about two weeks. And then, you will see the results soon. After recovery time, you will see what difference the surgery has made. So, take it easy.

4. Protect Your Eyes from Sun and Wind

Wear dark sunglasses with frames to cover your eyes from sides so that they remain protected not only from sun but also wind. For extra protection, you can also wear a hat. When it comes to applying sunscreen, follow post-surgery instructions.

5. Don’t Put Stress On Your Eyes

During recovery time, you are advised not to read any books, check emails, or binge watch your favorite series and movies. It can cause dry eyes and this is something that you don’t want while your eyes are in the healing mode.

6. Skip Your Workouts and Exercises

During the first two to four weeks, we would recommend you to avoid strenuous activities that increase blood flow to your eyes. So, even if it is simple jogging or aerobics, please avoid it. Besides, you should also avoid everyday activities that increase pressure in your head, such as bending, lifting heavy items, and lying flat on your back.

7. Avoid Smoking for a While

Yes, if you want to get your eyes recovered properly and timely, you need to stop smoking for at least six weeks. Smoking affects the healing process which means your recovery period will get longer. Plus, it also increases risk of infection.

Following these tips can greatly help you with eyelid healing after blepharoplasty surgery. So, if you want to heal faster and see great results, you would want to follow them.

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