Brow Lift Recovery Process: 5 Things to Expect

After facial plastic surgery, a recovery period is standard. However, the recovery process will differ according to the type of surgery. For instance, after a nose job, you need to avoid activities that can injure your nose for an extended period.

People looking to achieve a younger and more rejuvenated appearance usually choose the endoscopic brow lift procedure. This surgery involves repositioning and raising the brow to restore the forehead, brow, and bowline’s droopier look.


Here are a few things you can expect after the endoscopic brow lift surgery:

1. Slight Variation in Diet

Immediately after the surgery, you may feel a bit hungry. But it is better not to have a full, chewy meal right after the procedure. It is recommended to start with liquid foods first. If you feel hungry after the sedative wears off, you can have a bowl of soup or a smoothie. Make sure that that soup is not too hot. Wait until the next day or so to enjoy a regular meal.

2. Some Swelling and Bruising

In many cases, it takes a few days before swelling and bruising become noticeable. Don’t worry, as the swelling will begin to diminish around the fifth day. Many patients notice a drastic decrease in swelling. You will be able to see your final results after 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

There are a few ways to minimize swelling.

  • Keep your head elevated, even when sleeping.
  • Use cold compresses on the swelled area.
  • Compress it for about 20 minutes, then take a 20-minute rest before applying another cold compress.

3. Discomfort and Itching

Surgeons are quick to note that discomfort is at a minimum after the surgery. However, you may still experience a bit of pain. The doctor may prescribe a pain reliever to help reduce any discomfort. You might have some itching in the scalp and near the incision area. Try not to scratch; so that you don’t open the sutures or mess up the incision sites.

4. Limited Activity

Try not to perform activities after the procedure for at least two weeks. It doesn’t mean a complete bed rest or limiting yourself to a chair. It means that you should avoid exercise or do anything that requires a lot of effort. You can take a short walk or do light chores a few days after your brow lift surgery.

5. Bathroom Breaks

IV sedation is common in the endoscopic brow lift procedure. Although sedation has several benefits over general anesthesia, there is one major side effect. It increases in fluids, meaning that you need to take more bathroom breaks than usual.

It is better to drink plenty of water after the procedure. You will lose a lot of liquid from constant bathroom breaks. Thus, you need to make sure that you get sufficient water to replenish what you’ve lost.

In order to learn more about the endoscopic brow lift procedure and its recovery process, contact an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

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