Does Brow Lift Surgery Produce Permanent Results?

Are you noticing a significant change in your eyebrows due to aging? If yes, you might be panicking all this time about what to do to treat your aging signs and achieve a more confident look again. Well, there is one quick and effective solution to your sagging and droopy eyebrows. Undergo the best brow lift surgery and rejuvenate your self-confidence.

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves improving the position and shape of low-set eyebrows. When done by an experienced brow lift surgeon correctly, it imparts a natural effect and gives the person a more youthful look. Plus, it may also help you get a more wide-eyed look and remove some of the forehead wrinkles. But, is the change attained by brow lift permanent? Let’s check out.

Is a brow lift permanent? How long does brow lift last?

Before undergoing brow lift surgery, remember that it is not going to change your major appearance. Plus, it won’t stop the maturing and aging cycle. Your skin will continue to lose elasticity. However, when you undergo the best brow lift surgery, the good effects of brow lift will not wear off soon and will be seen for several years.

You may need to have a touch-up every 5 to 10 years or so in the future. Even when you age, you will keep looking much better than if you didn’t have the surgery. With a healthy skincare routine, the effects may last even longer. If a surgeon uses the technique that promotes collagen production and improves the skin’s laxity, your skin will age at a slower rate.

There are several types of brow lift procedures that produce different results and last for different periods. Besides, they are chosen based on the patient’s existing issues and desired results.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

It is one of the most preferred procedures for brow lift as it helps to improve the entire shape and position of the brow. Its effects last several years longer. However, not every person is the right candidate for this procedure. It involves making several small incisions at sites where changes are desired.

Temporal/Lateral Brow Lift

This procedure mainly focuses on the outer edge of your eyebrow. It is the best choice for those patients who don’t need or wish to undergo a full brow lift but desire to rejuvenate a natural brow contour. It resembles the endoscopic brow lift except it doesn’t target the complete forehead.

Brow Pexy

This includes minimal brow lift coupled with blepharoplasty. It gives your brow a very minimal effect while correcting for drooping eyelids.

Direct Brow Lift

This brow lift procedure can be performed under the effect of local anesthesia. Still, it lasts for many years. During this procedure, the surgeon will make a well-placed incision just near the eyebrow to remove the extra skin. It is a perfect procedure for both males and females and also those with a high forehead or a receding hairline.

Getting the most attractive results is only possible when you find an experienced and certified surgeon who is known for performing the best brow lift surgery. So, when going for this procedure, conduct research on surgeon and his/her work properly.

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