Endoscopic Browlift

As we age, many people will notice that their brow will begin to droop. This occurs most commonly in the outer part of the brow, and will make the upper eyelid skin look heavy. Because of this many people may think that they need an upper eyelid surgery while they really need to elevate the brow. Doing an upper lid surgery can actually allow the brow to drop further and make the eye appear heavier than before.

If the central portion of the brow begins to fall patients may notice some horizontal lines forming at the bridge of the nose and the skin can appear very heavy there.

For patients who want a full brow or forehead lift, an excellent option is an endoscopic browlift. In this surgery, 2-3 small incisions are made behind the hairline above the forehead. Another incision is made behind the temporal hairline. Dissection is done just above the bone down to the brow. The frown muscles between the brows are cut or excised. A dissolvable implant is placed in the bone and the forehead skin is elevated and hooked to the implant. Sutures are used in the deep tissue to elevate the lateral brow.

With this surgery, all scars are hidden behind the hairline. It gives a very natural lift to the whole brow and forehead, with minimal downtime.


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