As early as in our thirties, our eyes, foreheads, and brows may begin to look heavy and tired. Wrinkles, loose skin, sagging muscles, and excess or fallen fat are all signs that sun, the environment, gravity, and time have taken their toll. Procedures that give a more refreshed, youthful look to the eye area make a big difference in overall appearance for both men and women. Upper and lower eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) give the eye an alert, open look. Excess skin is easily removed, and fat is removed or repositioned to restore a more youthful contour. Incisions are concealed in the natural creases of the eye. The minimally invasive laser eyelid lift allows for smaller incisions, precision fat contouring, reduced bleeding and swelling, and more rapid recovery.


Forehead/ Brow Lifts can greatly reduce the heavy horizontal and vertical lines of the forehead and between the eyes. A brow lift is sometimes needed when the eyes appear heavy. It is important to know when an eyelid lift is the right choice, when just the brow and forehead need to be lifted, or when a combination of the two procedures is best. With a specialization in ophthalmic plastic surgery, Dr. Martin will help you understand exactly which procedure will give you the best result. New laser-assisted endoscopic forehead/brow lifts offer smaller incisions, reduced recovery time, and natural results. If in addition to these lifting procedures, you would like to tighten or smooth out the skin and fine lines around the eyes, laser resurfacing may be performed at the same time, for more economical, single-recovery period experience.

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