Facial Plastic Surgeons in Coral Gables

Facial plastic surgery was once seen as the preserve of the rich and famous but increasingly, it’s becoming a popular and affordable choice for anyone unhappy with their appearance due to the natural effects of aging. Plastic surgery can be used to reduce lines, smooth wrinkles, lift brows and firm up the jaw line for men and women alike and both sexes regularly visit us for facial plastic surgery in Coral Gables. Here we look at the top three benefits of facial plastic surgery which keep clients coming back to keep themselves looking fresh and vibrant.


Remove Loose Skin and Wrinkles

A natural consequence of aging is that skin loses its elasticity. As the skin becomes less flexible it can start to sag around the eyelids, brows and jaw line causing the face to appear heavy and tired. Often this jaded look is a million miles away from how the person feels inside and with many people nowadays seeing retirement as a new lease of life, they want their facial features to reflect the way they feel and their vitality. This can be achieved quickly and easily with facial plastic surgery which can help to remove loose skin and give a younger look to the face. But it doesn’t stop there. Slackening muscles are another way of nature trying to make your face look older and it can lead to creases and folds in the skin which are unsightly. Again, these can be easily smoothed using simple plastic surgery to give a smooth complexion and more youthful look.


Re-Sculpt Lost Muscle Tone

Aging causes muscles to lose tone, and your facial muscles are not immune to this. This causes the skin to appear looser as it sags due to a loss of collagen beneath the skin and that old adversary gravity which seems intent on taking away your looks. But all of these issues can be ‘ironed out’ with simple surgical procedures to tighten the muscles around the eyes, cheeks, jaw and neck to give you a younger appearance with improved tone which gives you back the youthful shape of your face.


Increase Self Confidence

Facial plastic surgery is, at its most basic, about helping you look younger but in reality, it’s about so much more than that. There is no doubt that when you look good you feel more confident and this can improve your outlook and mental health as well as your career and social life. We all see the blemishes and imperfections in our own looks, and we all compare our aging face with the memories of our youthful vibrance; it’s human nature. But fortunately, we now have the option to choose simple plastic surgery to help us smooth over those imperfections and to boost confidence.

Dr John Martin MD is a world-renowned plastic surgeon based in Coral Gables, FL and specializing in face and neck lifts. Whatever your reasons for wanting plastic surgery, whatever your hopes for how it will help improve your life, for facial plastic surgeons in Coral Gables, www.johnmartinmd.com is your best choice for a return to the fresh face and carefree nature of youth.

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