How do I Prepare for Eyelid Surgery?

For drooping eyelids and unsatisfactory appearance, you might be aware of eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. If you have decided to undergo the surgery and schedule it, it is crucial to prepare yourself properly. It is essential to have realistic expectations of the procedure and the recovery period.

Here are some considerations to bear in mind while getting ready for your eyelid lift, similar to any surgery.

Practice proper skincare routine

Maintaining healthy skin and overall appearance requires you to adopt good skincare practices. This entails gentle cleansing twice a day, using suitable moisturizers, and regularly applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen (with an SPF of at least 30), regardless of whether you expect exposure to outdoor sun or just regular incidental exposure. Other than this, proper skincare maintenance will preserve the outcomes of your skincare routine.

Prepare and plan

Arrange for any necessary time off from work and plan for any assistance you might require at home in the days following the surgery. This may include help with house chores, childcare, shopping, and driving. Ensure that a dependable adult is arranged to drive you to and from the surgery and that someone is available to stay with you constantly for a minimum of 24 hours after the surgery.

Stop smoking

The process of healing can be significantly affected by smoking. At least four weeks before the eyelid surgery, you should stop smoking or taking any nicotine products. This includes avoiding nicotine patches or any other products containing nicotine for a minimum of four weeks before the surgery.

Lead a healthy lifestyle

If you want your surgery to complete successfully, you should maintain good health and hygiene. Make sure you follow this for at least a week before the surgery. You should take care of yourself and address any illness without any delay. You shouldn’t take the surgery if your health condition is not good and should inform the surgeon.

Good nutrition

Before eyelid surgery, you should maintain a healthy and balanced diet. You should avoid overeating and consumption of excessive alcohol because these things have a negative impact on the surgery and your overall health. It is advisable to focus on consuming nutritious and balanced meals to support your body’s health and healing.

Relax and enjoy

Feeling stressed and anxious about daily events and scheduled surgery can impact your well-being. Some level of anxiety is normal. But, if you are distressed, discuss it with your eyelid surgeon. The surgeon will provide support and answer all your queries to help you make an informed decision and approach the surgery with confidence.

With these preparation tips, we are sure your eyelid surgery will be complete without any complications and your recovery will be smooth.

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