How long does a FaceTite last?

FaceTite, an FDA-approved and minimally invasive treatment, delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy under the skin’s surface. The energy melts and stimulates collagen production, tightening the skin from the dermis.

Surgeons prescribe the FaceTite procedure to treat areas with deep lines and loose skin, anywhere above the shoulders. Mostly, the treatment is recommended to return firmness to the chin, jowls, cheeks, neck, eyes, mouth, brow, forehead, or jawline.

How does FaceTite work?

In FaceTite treatment, the surgeon heats the lower dermis of the skin, which is primarily composed of collagen. The procedure helps the body to form new skin-firming collagen naturally. But, this natural formation of collagen takes time.

The objective of the treatment is to process the natural healing response of the body to form new collagen, which becomes difficult due to aging and other reasons. This is done in addition to tightening existing collagen fibers and dissolving fat.

Benefits of FaceTite

How is FaceTite different from previous RF devices?

Previous devices were effective but not like the FaceTite procedure because they didn’t penetrate deeply into the skin and therefore, the results were limited. Regarding FaceTite treatment, it is considered a next-generation RF treatment that delivers heat and energy directly where needed.

What is the process of FaceTite treatment?

Most surgeons perform FaceTite using local anesthesia or sedation. Sometimes, they even administer anti-anxiety medicine that promotes comfort during the initial numbing.

Next, the surgeons make a very small incision in the treatment area. The incision is so small that it doesn’t require stitches or leave a visible scar. Through this incision, the surgeons insert a thin metal probe to heat the tissue below the skin surface. They regulate the amount of heat delivered and procure an electrical field that concentrates all the energy, maximizing skin contractions and fat coagulation.

How long does FaceTite last?

Keeping everything aside, one of the important things is the lifespan of the FaceTite treatment. It’s because no one wants to spend too much time and money on a single treatment. More than money, people are concerned about incisions. Sometimes, the body is not ready to accept the incision and respond to the treatment as expected.

As the tightening effects of the FaceTite procedure are FDA-approved, they last for one year. Many doctors and patients have reported that the treatment lasts up to five years. It’s difficult to believe but many reports prove this.

The best thing about the FaceTite treatment is that you will not go back to looking the way you looked before the treatment even after five years. Over time, you will only notice a gradual reduction in overall tightness as your skin begins to show normal signs of aging.

The three lifestyle choices will have a great impact on how long your results last. You should use sunscreen every day, abstain from smoking and adopt a healthy skincare regime.

Other than this, you should eat healthily and exercise daily. You should prefer eating food items that keep your skin young such as fatty fish, avocados, and sweet potatoes. The daily workout will increase blood flow, delivering more oxygen to cells and eliminating waste.

FaceTite treatment can last beyond the expected time but only if you follow all the instructions given by the surgeon and take good care of yourself.

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