How Long Does Upper Eyelid Surgery Take?

Saggy and puffy eyelids can make you look tired and sleepy. Droopy eyelids and puffy skin can also make you appear less youthful and vibrant. Fortunately, lifting the eyelids and achieving a rested, youthful appearance is convenient. 


Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is an excellent way to transform your eyelids. Eyelid surgeons can customize the procedure to enhance the appearance of your upper and lower eyelids. 


 How Should You Prepare for Your Eyelid Procedure?


Before the eyelid procedure, you will have an initial consultation with the surgeon. During the meeting, the specialist will examine your eyelids and discuss your aesthetic goals and medical history. 

After the initial consultation, the surgeon will give you a detailed list of instructions to follow before your eyelid surgery.


How long will the upper eyelid surgery last?


Cosmetic eyelid surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure. It usually lasts from one hour to two hours, depending on whether you will have another procedure performed at the same time. 


Depending on the extent of your eyelid surgery, the surgeon will give you general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation. 


Most trained, certified eyelid surgeons use advanced techniques that eliminate the need to bandage the eyes after the surgery. 


Because there is minimal risk involved with a blepharoplasty, you will be allowed to return home after only a brief monitoring period. 


How Long the Recovery Period Last?


After the procedure, you will have a short recovery period. Your body will need some time to adjust to your eyelid procedure, and you will need to follow some aftercare instructions for a few weeks. 

Although everyone heals at a different rate, you can return to your work in about seven to ten days. Moreover, you will need to wear glasses for about two weeks if you use contact lenses. 


When Can You Notice Improvements?


Since our body takes some time to recover, you will not see the final results of the procedure immediately. You will be able to see positive changes in your eyelids after a couple of weeks. And you will most likely see the full effect of your procedure within a year. 


Is this Procedure a Safe Way to Enhance Your Eyelids?


Eyelid surgery is an efficient, widely-used procedure with an excellent safety profile. The surgery is minimally invasive. To eliminate the need for deep cuts, the surgeon focuses on the surface of the skin. It makes for a relatively safe and pain-free experience. 


The Bottom Line 


Blepharoplasty is a pain-free, minimally-invasive, and quick way to correct skin sagging and drooping around your eyes. After a swift eyelid surgery and relatively easy recovery, you will enjoy a rejuvenated appearance. To learn more about this cosmetic procedure, contact a professional eyelid surgeon.

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