How soon after eyelid surgery can I wear makeup?

We know you are excited to reveal your new, refreshed look after cosmetic eyelid surgery. But, more than that, it’s essential that you follow all your post-operative instructions carefully, especially when it comes to applying makeup. Many people forget this and jump into makeup too soon after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

We understand your excitement but you should handle the things patiently after cosmetic eyelid surgery. You need to let your incisions heal fully before applying makeup. The complete healing might take two to three weeks. To avoid any issues, you should consult your surgeon, who will help you decide when to apply makeup again safely.

What will happen if I resume applying makeup too soon after cosmetic eyelid surgery?

If you apply makeup to the eyes that are still healing, it will lead to irritation and infection. When you start applying makeup too soon, you will end up pulling the skin of the eyelid in the process of applying and removing makeup.

Besides, the makeup product will find its way into the incisions and get trapped beneath your dermis if applied early. This will lead to unwanted effects, which will be visible even after healing.

What should I know about makeup application after cosmetic eyelid surgery?

By now, you know very well that using makeup too soon after cosmetic eyelid surgery is not safe. But, it doesn’t mean you will use anything after complete recovery. We recommend you update your makeup collection and invest in new products that you love and that are perfect for use after the surgery. Here are a few tips on what you should do and what to avoid when it comes to applying makeup after cosmetic eyelid surgery.

  •  You should take a look at your makeup’s ingredients. If the ingredients are harsh, they will irritate your skin and impact the results in the long run. Focus on all-natural or mineral-based makeup products. If you cannot define the ingredients, look for words such as “hypoallergenic” and “safe for sensitive skin”. If possible, check for the “non-comedogenic” term as well.
  •  Avoid using glittery or “frosted” products such as eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara. These products flake off easily, allowing makeup to fall into incisions while they are healing.
  •  When removing makeup, don’t use harsh products like alcohol-based cleaners. Such cleansers cause skin irritation and dryness. Instead, use natural cleansers, micellar water, or olive harms. Other than this, you should use gentle hand motions while removing the makeup to avoid pulling and stretching your skin.

Will, there be any change in the makeup I do after cosmetic eyelid surgery?

As excess skin will be removed and you will have a smoother eyelid surface after complete healing, you can experiment with different looks. The enhanced definition or the addition of a crease will provide you with a broader range of options for eyeshadow and eyeliner.

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