Is Upper Eyelid Surgery Safe?

To get away from drooping eyelids or prevent loss of your peripheral range of vision, upper eyelid surgery is the best option. In other words, you should go for upper eyelid surgery to hide your earliest aging facial change and problems occurring because of the same.

The surgery gives a very natural and rested appearance by removing excess skin and fat, a condition that is medically known as dermatochalasis, from the upper eyelid. The removal of excess fat and skin helps the drooping eyelids to recover and get back to the normal phase. Also, there is vision improvement for people of all ages.

As one of the common cosmetic surgeries, upper eyelid surgery has helped many people to get their young look back. There is no sign of aging in them and they look younger again. But, many people are still concerned about the safety of upper eyelid surgery. They have a fear that the surgery will impact their vision or take time to recover. Things might get complicated if the surgery is not done properly by the surgeon.

According to us, upper eyelid surgery is completely safe, except for a few temporary side effects that are experienced by people in all other cosmetic surgeries. So, there is nothing to worry about. Even though excess skin or fat is removed, you won’t feel the pain because the surgery is performed with local anesthesia or sedation. Also, there is minimal discomfort post-operation and the recovery is quick. Overall, upper eyelid surgery is safe for all.

How do surgeons perform upper eyelid surgery?

Before the surgery, anesthesia or sedation is given to the person. Typically, the surgeon makes an incision in the natural fold of the eyes and removes excess skin, muscles, and fat along the upper eyelid. The incision is not visible because it’s hidden in the eyelid’s natural crease.

Different surgeons use different tools for incision and overall surgery. Regarding John Martin, he frequently performs the surgery using CO2 laser because it decreases bruising and swelling.

Sometimes, upper and lower eyelid surgery is performed simultaneously to get a better and complete result.

How to prevent potential risks associated with upper eyelid surgery

Get treated by an experienced surgeon

Though only a day is required for upper eyelid surgery and recovery time is less, the process isn’t easy. Making an incision and removing the skin and fat requires proper training and practice. You cannot just visit any surgeon and get the surgery done. You will suffer from serious side effects and other health consequences.

You should get treated by a well-qualified and experienced surgeon. Make sure the surgeon has related experience and not general experience in cosmetic surgery. Other than this, the surgeon should be certified in the surgery.

For people living in Miami, FL, Coral Gables, FL, or surrounding areas in Florida, getting treated by Dr. John Martin is one of the best decisions. He is regarded among the top eyelid surgeons in these areas. Dr. Martin evaluates and treats any problem related to eyelids. With him, the upper eyelid surgery will become safer for you.

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