Mullerectomy procedure

More about Mullerectomy?

When a patient presents for an evaluation of a droopy lid, it is important to evaluate not only the amount of excess skin, but also the actual height of the eyelid in relation to the pupil. If the eyelid margin is low and close to the pupil, that is called a ptosis. This occurs due to a laxity in the muscles which hold open the eyelid. If an upper eyelid surgery is done to remove excess skin (blepharoplasty), the muscle must also be tightened of the eyelid will remain droopy.

In patients that don’t have significant excess skin, the muscle on the underside of the eyelid, called Muellers muscle, can be tightened with a surgery called a Conjunctiva- Muellers’s muscle resection. This is a great procedure to elevate the lid, and there will be no external scars.

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