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As we age, many people will start to notice that they have shorter, lighter, thinner and fewer eyelashes. Until recently, mascara was the only product available to help improve the appearance of the lashes. Then, several years ago, a new group of glaucoma medications made with prostaglandin analogues were noted to cause an increase in the length and thickness of the eyelashes. Using the same active ingredient found in the drops, a new product, Latisse, was developed to be used specifically for eyelash growth. Latisse is a liquid which is brushed along the lash border of the upper lids at bedtime. After about 6-8 weeks, you will notice that the eyelashes will be thicker, longer and darker. Once the desired lash appearance is obtained, Latisse should be used twice a week to maintain the longer, thicker lashes. Latisse can be obtained with a prescription at a doctor’s office or pharmacy.
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Cleansers & Scrubs

• Green Tea Foam Cleanser
• Green Tea Creamy Cleanser
• Green Tea Exfoliation Scrub


• Ultra Lite Moisture
• Skin Barrier Repair


• Glycolic 15% Facial Cream
• Glycolic 10% Facial Cream
• Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum 3X, 5X, 10X


• Triple Antioxidant Cream and Serum


• Retinol Eye Repair Cream
• Daily Antioxidant Eye Cream

Sun Protection

• SPF 45 Advance Anti-Photoaging Sunscreen
• Ultra Sheer UVA-UVB SPF 55 Sunscreen

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