Should You Consider Brow Lift Surgery?

When you are worried about your brows getting droopy, brow lift surgery is often the best solution for quick and long-lasting results. However, the idea of undergoing surgery usually makes people concerned. But, that should not stop you from taking years off of your face. Getting the right information and consultation with the best brow lift surgeon can help you make an informed decision.


The best way to learn if you should consider endoscopic brow lift is to first know what this surgery means.

What is an endoscopic brow lift surgery?

A brow lift is a cosmetic surgery that is performed to correct the soft tissue elasticity around your eyes and brows. Endoscopy refers to the process of insertion through a surgical incision of a flexible tube with a lighted camera and surgical instruments. When a brow lift surgery is performed using endoscopy, it is called endoscopic brow lift surgery. It is minimally invasive and allows you to heal faster than traditional brow lift surgery.

When should I consider an endoscopic brow lift?

You can consider endoscopic brow lift when:

  • You have drooping skin in the brow region
  • Loose skin makes your upper eyelid look heavier
  • Saggy skin around brows makes you look older
  • You look annoyed or tired all time
  • You want to improve eyebrow symmetry
  • You want to reduce brow wrinkling
  • You want to lift your forehead

Look yourself carefully in the mirror. If your brows are drooping and you are not comfortable with it for any reason, then a brow lift surgeon can help you determine whether you are the right candidate for this surgery and what kind of results you can expect after surgery.

Is a brow lift surgery the same as eyelid surgery?

No, both brow lift and eyelid surgery are different and thus, produce different results. When people notice that their brows are beginning to droop, they also notice that their upper eyelid skin is looking heavier. Due to this, many people may think that they can correct it through upper eyelid surgery. But undergoing eyelid surgery when you actually need a brow lift surgery will only make your brow to sag further and make your eyes appear heavier than they were before. Thus, when you want to lift your brow or forehead, an endoscopic brow lift is the right procedure.

When should I not consider an endoscopic brow lift?

Endoscopic brow lift should be avoided if you have:

  • Conditions that cause dry eyes
  • A tendency for thick scarring
  • Poor general health and systemic conditions

How long does endoscopic brow lift last?

The results of endoscopic brow lift usually last for five to seven years and may last even for a decade for some patients. The number of years might be affected by upkeep, sun exposure, environmental conditions, and your skin’s natural elasticity.

It’s natural to have more doubts or queries before undergoing an endoscopic brow lift. Thus, the best next step is to book a consultation with an esteemed plastic facial surgeon in your area. Book a brow lift consultation today!

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