Botox® and Dysport®

By the time we are six months old, it is possible to see where the deep lines in our faces will form later in life. We are influenced from birth by the facial expressions and habits of those closest to us. As we age, we see the concerned looks or crinkly smiles of our loved ones forming in our own faces.

Although no one wants an expressionless face, we may want to tone down the severity of the lines we are accumulating. The furrows of the forehead and brows that once made us look interested or concerned can, with age, make us look sad, stern or even hostile. And while a little crinkling at the eyes is a universal signal of a friendly spirit, when those crinkles begin forming permanent lines down the cheeks, we might want to do a little refreshing.

The deep creases in the forehead and face caused by a lifetime of habitual muscle contraction can be markedly improved by the injection of Dysport or Botox® into the offending muscles. These are both an FDA approved, natural purified protein produced by Clostrudium botuinum bacterium. Very low doses of the toxin are injected into the overactive muscles that cause the lines to form. By blocking the transmission of the nerve impulse to the muscles, the muscles relax. Within days there will be a marked improvement in the appearance of frown lines, forehead creases and crow’s feet. Properly placed injections can also help to elevate the brow.

Because the surface of your skin may still have an etched line, Dysport or Botox®combined with laser resurfacing can work beautifully together to better soften the lines in these areas.

Dysport/Botox treatments are relatively painless, with no downtime of recovery needed. You can return to work and normal activities immediately. Within days you will look more relaxed and less wrinkled. While similar in action, many patients have noted that Dysport starts to work more quickly than Botox, usually within about 24 hours. It also seems to last a bit longer, with many people getting up to 4 months of muscle relaxation.

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