The New Skin Resurfacing

Gone are the days of long recovery times and complications! Today’s advanced, targeted technologies and treatments now address the many consequences of environmental and indoor and outdoor light exposure more specifically, gently and effectively. From fine lines and wrinkles, surface discolorations and textural changes, through solar elastosis (laxity of the skin from aging and environmental influence), there are advanced light-based treatments to rejuvenate the skin.

Mild to moderate damage from age and environment can be reversed through less invasive, less intensive treatments with greatly reduced recovery times. In one to four gentle treatments, using a combination of topical skin enhancers and light-based therapies, we can reverse years of damage.

Although seriously damaged skin may require deeper, more extensive treatment and a longer recovery time, even these times are significantly reduced from the recovery times for laser treatments of the 90s. Bring us your sun-kissed skin! Dr. Martin will help you decide what treatment best meets your special needs.

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