What to Expect from a Neck Lift Surgery?

Even though many people consider it a small thing, having a well-defined neckline can significantly change your appearance. Weight loss, aging, and genetics often lead to sagging jowls, a double chin, or a loss of neck skin. You may consider diet, exercise, and over-the-counter skincare treatment to have a graceful neckline, but the neck doesn’t respond well to these elements. But fortunately, you have the option of a neck lift to achieve the look you desire.

In 2019, surgeons performed more than 54,000 neck lifts and 120,000 facelifts across the United States. Professional facelift surgeons can also combine other facial contouring procedures to achieve a more youthful, graceful appearance.

How Can Neck Lift Alter Your Profile?

Neck lifts can restore the youthful contours of your neck by treating things like:

  • Double chin
  • Loss, sagging neck skin
  • Surplus fat or drooping skin of the lower face
  • Too much wrinkling of the neck skin

How to Know if You are a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Before considering a facelift or neck lift, make sure you take into account the following criteria:

  • You don’t smoke
  • You don’t have any medical conditions that can slow or damage healing.
  • You have realistic expectations for your result.

Have knowledge about what the facelift, neck lift, or other surgeries can and cannot do. You will be more than satisfied with your results if you have a positive mindset and realistic expectations from the surgery.

What Happens During a Neck Lift Surgery?

Before the procedure, the surgeon will administer anesthesia. The doctor will discuss and finalize the method of sedation according to your needs.

During a neck lift procedure, the surgeon will incise the contour from the top of the ear following to the lower hairline on both sides. After that, the doctor will perform any of the following enhancements according to the neck lift you demand:

  • To create more attractive contours, the surgeon may sculpt, remove or redistribute the excess fat.
  • The surgeon may relocate or tighten the tissues beneath the skin.
  • The surgeon may tighten and position the skin over the newly made contours, and trim away any excess skin.
  • If you want to adjust the double chin, the surgeon will make another small incision to tighten the area.

Recovery After Neck Lift Procedure:

After the surgery, the surgeon will give you specific instructions. Make sure you follow them thoroughly. As then, you can assure that you will get the desired results and recover quickly.

You may have a drain place near the incision site to keep fluid from building up. Keep your head elevated, and make sure you move your neck as little as possible.

Swelling and bruising can last for several days or maybe weeks. But you will notice the enhanced contour of your neck and jawline.

Selecting the Right Plastic Surgeon

Whether going for a neck lift or facelift, make sure to choose a certified and experienced surgeon. When you select a professional facelift surgeon, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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