When is the best time to go for a facelift?

Signs like sagging skin, wrinkles, and crow’s feet typically appear when you get older. However, some people might notice them at an early age too. Since facelift surgery is often considered to be the best and quick way to restore a youthful appearance, you might wonder if it is the right time to seek out the help of the best facelift surgeon or you should wait. To be honest, getting a facelift at the right age can greatly increase the chance of success and provide you with significant results.

Though there is no fixed age to undergo a facelift procedure, having a facelift too early may seem useless because signs of aging become prominent as you get older. In that case, you will need to repeat facelift surgeries as years pass by. Similarly, getting a facelift too late might not be ideal. It’s because a facelift in your 60s means that to get the desired results, the difference in the look needs to be extremely high.

So, what is the best age to undergo facelift treatment?

Candidates who undergo a facelift in their early-to-mid forties enjoy much better and long-lasting results. However, at this age, you get the best results when you also have skin rejuvenation treatments along with a facelift. If you are someone who is in her fifties, experts recommend a different set of surgeries (such as neck lift) and facelift to achieve more aesthetically pleasing results. Besides, you can also benefit from a facelift if you are in your thirties and worried about your aging skin and signs.

What aging problems can one fix with a facelift?

One of the most noticeable changes that patients enjoy is improved skin firmness. As you age, the elasticity of your skin starts decreasing, that further results in wrinkles and sagging skin in your face and neck. With the help of a neck lift and facelift, you can significantly improve the appearance, creating a more youthful personality.

Another side-effect of aging is that your facial skin starts losing fat. Consequently, your appearance becomes hollowed and exhausted. When you undergo a facelift, it will not only tighten your skin but also helps in restoring the face volume.

When your face loses volume and fat, it results in jowls on your face. Since facelift improves the firmness of your skin and gives your face a more contoured look, it also helps in removing jowls. In short, a facelift can help reduce your aging problems and maintain and preserve a youthful look.

Does health insurance cover the cost of a facelift?

The only thing why many women hesitate to undergo a facelift is the cost. Though the cost is high, it is nevertheless expensive if you find yourself several years younger in exchange for money. Most health insurance plans don’t cover facelift surgery or complications arise from it (if any). However, you should ask if your facelift surgeon offers financing options.

To ensure the best results, you should look for the best facelift surgeons. The surgeon’s experience and your comfort with the surgeon are as important as your age and the cost of the facelift.

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