Why Choose Brow Lift Surgery?

As we get older, skin sagging becomes normal! For aged people, some of the most basic issues are the sagging of their upper eyelids, brows as well as forehead. Not to mention, sagging of brow line can make you appear exhausted or furious all the time. Because of this very reason, today, tons of people have begun to consider an endoscopic brow lift surgery.


A brow lift is a procedure that helps to lift and refresh your face as well as eliminate facial creases. There are basically two different types of brow lift.

  • Endoscopic brow lift
  • Classic brow lift

When you plan to get your brow lift done, your surgeon will help you to decide which brow lift would be the best for your face. He or she will evaluate your face precisely prior to suggesting any eye brow lift procedure. Here are some reasons why one must consider brow lift surgery, be it a classic or an endoscopic brow lift.

Er-turn an exhausted or angry look? Yes! Individuals who have sagged brows are less likely approachable. Giving a lift to brows may make you appear more social and happier. On the off chance, if you have a career in personal relations or getting into conversations with clients regularly, then you must consider lifting your eyebrows to enhance your overall facial appearance.

Enhance my eyes? Of course! When your brow is droopy, applying eyeliners, shadows, and other eye make-up items get difficult. Also, even if you have put on make-up, you will still look sleepy, stressed, tired. But, with an endoscopic brow lift, your eyes will appear fuller, brighter, and also going to make you look younger.

As with other temporary brow lifting procedures, endoscopic and classic brow lift eliminates the excess skin, which gives a youthful experience that last-longer. Some brow lifting procedures like Botox can also offer a similar appearance, but Botox treatments aren’t long-lasting and are only suitable for people with fewer signs of aging. Just in case you are uncomfortable with plenty of facial wrinkles, then a brow lift is an apt solution for you.

This is certainly one of the biggest advantages of getting a brow lift. As the brow lift procedure involves tiny cuts, the scarring left will be less noticeable! When done via endoscope, the entire process of brow lift involves around five small openings on the upper hairline.

cosmetic surgeons like DR JOHN MARTIN that perform brow lift surgeries in coral gables are well trained and have years of experience. To operate, they utilize special tools which allow them to perform the procedure in a magnified view. This particular tool makes them see the different parts of the skin clearly, which minimizes the ongoing risks of complications. As the surgery is performed by using highly advanced technology, the recovery time is also less (about 3 to 5 days)! A brow lift is perfect for individuals who cannot take leaves from their work for a long term recovery.

These were some benefits of choosing brow lift over other lifting procedures. However, prior to you making any decision of having surgery on your face, get in touch with your facial cosmetic surgeon to know all ins and outs.

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