Why Endoscopic Brow Lift Is Better Than Traditional Brow Lift?

Brow lift surgery is the best way to treat sagging eyebrows, making you look younger, relaxed, cheerful, and more refreshed. The surgery works on the weak facial tissues and wrinkles that start to form with age and thus rejuvenates the overall face.

The brow lift surgery is used by doctors for years. But with time, many things have changed in the procedure. Today, doctors perform all brow lifts using the endoscopy technique instead of the traditional brow lift technique. And surprisingly, the endoscopic brow lift has shown better results than the traditional brow lift.

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Until now, many people have undergone endoscopic brow lift surgery but many of them are still hesitant about the procedure. They still prefer traditional coronal brow lift surgery for their facial improvements.

In this post, we will mention the reasons why endoscopic brow lift is better than traditional brow lift.

Reduced scarring 

In a traditional brow lift, the experts perform a coronal incision that goes over the top of the head. The incision is extended from ear to ear. Due to the lengthy incision, there is a long, prominent scar, which causes an artificial part in the hair.

In an endoscopic brow lift, not many incisions are placed behind the hairline. Also, the incisions are small, which reduces the scarring and minimizes any effect on hair growth.

Less risk of nerve damage and complications

The use of an endoscope to perform the surgery improves the surgeon’s visual field. This specialized instrument transmits the operative field onto a high-definition screen. And the monitor magnifies the surgical site, making it easy for the surgeon to visualize the site in greater detail than with the human eye.

The high-level magnification of the surgical site reduces the risk of damage to the tissues, especially the sensory nerves of the forehead. On the other hand, no such specialized instrument is used in traditional brow lift surgery.

Quicker recovery

As compared to traditional brow lift surgery, the recovery after an endoscopic brow lift surgery is quicker. And it’s because the incisions are smaller. The small incisions tend to heal more quickly and cause less discomfort. After the surgery, you can return to work in two weeks or even sooner.

In the traditional brow lift technique, you will need two weeks or more to recover because incisions are long. Also, the bruises are clearly visible after the treatment. If the treatment involves some complications, your recovery time might extend.

Better result 

Most importantly, endoscopic brow lift surgery will give better results compared to a traditional brow lift. And it’s because the endoscopic brow lift surgeon gets a better release and lift of sagging bow tissues than traditional methods. Also, the endoscopy is less time-taking and not so painful.

A traditional brow lift is good but it’s good to go for something better. So, you should choose an endoscopic brow lift over a traditional brow lift. And if you want to get the result after the surgery, you should connect with Dr. John Martin. He has years of experience in endoscopic brow lift surgery. Call us on (305)444-5950.

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